Emerson has launched a webinar series that will focus on solutions to prepare refiners for disruptive changes that are expected in global oil demand over the next decade.

Emerson CONNECT Online Event, which will run from 28 July to 8 September, will focus on smart refining, as advances in sensors, automation, and information technology have brought a significant change in refinery operations.

Smart refining enables refinery operators to gain improved efficiencies, as it facilitates analysis of the past, assess the current state, and prediction of future behaviour.

Emerson’s Smart Refinery of the Future Webinar Series is designed to share various topics to help refinery to advance, transform and become smarter.

Here is the list of webinars:

Webinar 1: Inspiring to be a green and energy efficient refinery, Date: 28 July, 1 pm SGT

In the webinar, Emersion will focus on emission control solutions for operators to comply with environmental regulations and ensure safe work environment.

The topics to be covered include Biodiesel & fugitive emission solutions; Minimising Fugitive emission solutions in Control and Isolation valves with high performance sealing technology; Fired heaters and combustion probes for boiler efficiency; and Optics analytics.

Webinar 2: Secure Digital Transformation of your Refinery, Date: 4 August, 1 pm SGT

The webinar will share the solutions on how to strengthen cybersecurity of refineries and protect the plant network. Topics to be covered include Cybersecurity for Process Control; Secured Connectivity to Wireless Plant Network; and Think Big. Start Small. Move Fast.

Webinar 3: Smart monitoring with predictive maintenance, Date: 11 August 1 pm SGT

The webinar will focus on solutions on remote operations, predictive maintenance and automation with continuous monitoring for refinery operators.

The solutions that Emerson will share include Valve Condition Monitoring; Heat exchanger + Pump monitoring; Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring; Plantweb Insights; and Assets Management – Non-Intrusive Predictive Diagnostics.

Webinar 4: Innovative Solutions for personnel safety, Date: 18 August, 1 pm SGT

In the webinar, refinery operators will be provided with solutions on how to improve safety and avoid zero-accident with operation certainty. The solutions that will be covered by Emerson include Location awareness, Reduce manual round, Flame & gas detection, and Tank dewatering.

Webinar 5: Innovative Solutions for plant process safety, Date: 25 August, 1 pm SGT

Emerson will share on the solutions on how to improve process safety and costly unplanned downtime in the webinar. The solutions will enable operators to reduce risk, avoid incidents and operate with certainty.

Topics to be covered include Pressure Relief Valve in Wireless Monitoring; Improve flame stability; Hydrogen and hydrogen carbon flame detection for Catalytic Cracking; Safety and reliability of furnace heater pass using Quad Vortex; and Emerson Safety Instrumented Systems.

Webinar 6: Creating a sustainable and profitable refinery operations, Date: 1 September, 1 pm SGT

The webinar will focus on solutions that improve refinery mass balance and perform site evaluation to optimise process. Refinery operators will gain knowledge on how to gain insights into measurement and achieve mass balance goals.

Topics to be covered include Improve mass balance, Process optimization and Digital Consultancy Services.

Webinar 7: Improving asset reliability with lifecycle services, Date: 8 September, 1 pm SGT

In the webinar, Emerson will share on the lifecycle solutions, expertise and latest technology and platform. Operators will know how to improve asset reliability, optimise plant performance and achieve business goals.

The solutions to be discussed include Control valves Lifecyle optimization through STO Planning; My Assets & Site Walk Downs; Calibration Services with Remote Witnessing; and Plantweb Advisor for Metrology.