The contract will be performed over an approximately two-year period, with warranty and logistic support continuing for an additional 10 years.

The technological suite to be supplied by the Company’s subsidiary, Elbit Security Systems Ltd., (ELSEC), includes a wide range of sensors, among them electro-optic systems, radars, sonars, a command and control center as well as equipping rapid interception boats with a dedicated suite of sensors.

The security solution will enable to detect and identify both surface and underwater threats and will assist security teams to respond efficiently.

Elbit Systems ISTAR Division general manager Elad Aharonson said: “Providing security to assets located in countries’ exclusive economic zones demands sophisticated technological and operational capabilities. Having been selected by Energean to provide the security suite for their Karish-Tanin gas fields’ FPSO platform, is a testament to our competitive advantage in this area.”

Source: Company Press Release