EKF provides a guarantee of GBP 304 million to Seagreen, a new offshore wind farm off the east coast of Scotland.

When Scotland’s new offshore wind farm Seagreen is completed in 2022, its capacity of 1.14 GW will be able to provide green electricity to approximately one million Scottish households. Seagreen will be equipped with no less than 114 MHI Vestas 10 MW wind turbines.

The Seagreen project is owned by Scottish SSE Plc. and French Total, and EKF participates in the financing together with the Norwegian ECA GIEK and 12 commercial banks. EKF provides a guarantee of GBP 304 million.

This demonstrates the large Danish footprint on the new wind power project and underlines the leading position of Danish companies in making economic growth and green transition go hand in hand.

Danish climate technology and financing make a difference
In recent years EKF has seen a marked demand for Danish climate technology and for the financing which is key to realising green projects around the world.

The renewable energy projects EKF helped finance in 2019 are expected to reduce global CO2 emissions by 75 million tonnes of CO2 over the course of their useful life.