The Edvard Grieg and Ivar Aasen production platforms on the Utsira High area in the North Sea are now operated with electric power from shore. Two gas fired turbines have been shut down, and thus we achieve a significant reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases.

“We achieve several positive effects by getting electricity from land, both operationally and in terms of reduced emission of greenhouse gases”, said Kari Nielsen, Asset Manager Edvard Grieg & Ivar Aasen, in Aker BP.

“By shutting down the gas turbines, we reduce emissions of CO2 from the production phase by around 200,000 tons annually, or around 3.6 million tons over the life of the field. In addition, we reduce operating costs since we will no longer operate our own power plant on the platform”, Kari Nielsen said.

The gas-powered turbines on the Edvard Grieg platform have supplied both fields with the necessary power and heat since start-up in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Edvard Grieg were prepared to receive electricity from shore right from the construction phase back in 2012 to fulfill requirements from the authorities. In 2014, the Parliament (Stortinget) decided that a solution for power supply from shore should be developed for Johan Sverdrup, and the other installations in the Utsira High area should be connected in conjunction with phase two of the Johan Sverdrup development.

The project has been carried out as two sub-projects. A project for the installation of the seabed cable between Johan Sverdrup and Edvard Grieg, and a project for the development and installation of a solution with electric boilers that ensures the necessary heat required in the process plant. This has required adaptation and technology qualification of equipment that was initially developed for use on land.

The project is delivered on time and cost, without injuries to personnel. NKT HV Cable has delivered the power cable. The boiler package has been developed and built by Parat Halvorsen, while Aker Solutions has prepared and installed the boiler package on board Edvard Grieg.