Following the invitation to submit bids received on 17 March 2022, and in line with EDF’s initial bid submitted on 30 November 2022, to the Czech operator ČEZ and its project company Elektrárna Dukovany II (EDU II), EDF has officially submitted the following:

  1. An Updated Initial Bid, which covers the provision of engineering, procurement, construction, and support for commissioning activities for a single EPR1200 reactor at the Dukovany site (unit 5). Additionally, this bid encompasses design and implementation activities related to nuclear fuel and the delivery of fuel assemblies for this specific project.
  2. Two Updated Indicative Proposals, with the objective of facilitating the development of a fleet of reactors within the Czech Republic. These proposals include one additional unit at the Dukovany site (unit 6) and two additional units at the Temelín site (units 3 and 4).

This Updated Initial Bid represents the culmination of extensive discussions and clarifications between EDF, ČEZ, and EDU II throughout the ongoing vendor selection process. It marks the final stage of the competitive procedure before the preferred bidder is chosen.

EDF’s Updated Initial Bid capitalizes on the collective expertise of EDF, its industrial collaborators, and the Czech Nuclear Industry. In this proposal, EDF aims to serve as the sole source for the supply and integration of the EPR1200 technology and the project’s execution.

This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive and well-rounded bid, drawing on the strengths of various entities to deliver a robust solution.

EDF’s proposal encompasses several key elements:

  1. Utilization of Generation III+ EPR1200 reactor technology, which has been refined and optimised based on the extensive experience of the EPR reactor family, tailored to the specific requirements of the Dukovany site.
  2. A comprehensive and fully integrated solution, covering design, engineering, construction, and support for commissioning (EPC), along with extensive training, licensing, and technical assistance to facilitate pre-operation and operation phases.
  3. A well-established and proven delivery model, wherein EDF serves as the primary supplier for all the necessary components and activities, spanning from EPC to Nuclear Fuel supply.
  4. A commitment to a long-term partnership between the French and Czech nuclear industries, complemented by a tailored Czech localization process designed to enhance the economic value for the Czech Republic.

EDF and its partners are wholeheartedly committed to ensuring a lasting and fruitful collaboration between the Czech and French industries in support of the Czech new nuclear programme.

EDF Group chairman and CEO Luc Rémont said: “EDF is deeply focused on mobilising its efforts to be selected as preferred partner for Dukovany 5 and the further expansion of ČEZ’s nuclear fleet with its European EPR1200 technology.

“As the only vendor and builder of third generation nuclear technology in Europe, we believe that the long-term strategic partnership we are proposing will set a precedent for our continent and serve as the backbone for a more resilient and independent European nuclear industry.

“By joining the European EPR community, the Czech Republic will benefit from a massive fleet effect and create many industrial synergies between our current and future nuclear programmes in France, the UK and beyond. I am convinced that the partnership between ČEZ and EDF will further underscore our shared role as two leading European nuclear operators committed to supporting Europe’s energy independence and achieving net-zero in Europe.”