The installation follows the successful field verification testing of VGs installed on six GE 1.5sle turbines completed earlier this year at EDF Renewable’s Bobcat Bluff Wind Project in Archer County, Texas.

The Bobcat Bluff turbines with VGs were operated for a period of six months, after which a comparative performance analysis confirmed an annual energy production increase of 1.6%. Full results of this testing are available in a technical report published by SmartBlade.

The Chestnut Flats VGs were installed in May and June this year. The project was developed and built by Gamesa Energy USA and was acquired by EDF Renewables in November 2011. Chestnut Flats utilizes 18 G90 and one G87 Gamesa turbines with a rated capacity of two megawatts. The predicted AEP increase for the project is 1.8% which will be verified over the next 4 months.

VGs are small attachments made from durable materials that energize a flow around the blade and reduce flow separation. Due to the unique shape and properties of every wind turbine blade, the positioning of wind vortex generators is customized for each blade design.

Additionally, the VGs are applied using 3M Acrylic Foam Tape, which accommodates the flexing and residual forces acting on the blade surface while still providing high adhesive strength in challenging weather conditions.

said Dan Summa, vice president, generation, EDF Renewables North America “We were pleased with the results of the verification test at Bobcat Bluff. For Chestnut Flats we are predicting even better results due to a wind regime that is better suited for VGs.”

Larry Barr said, operations and maintenance, EDF Renewables North America “One of the key advantages of EDF Renewables is that we can prove new innovations in O&M on our own equipment before we offer these solutions to our third-party customers.

“The success of our VG field testing is an example of how we bring an owner-operator perspective to our third-party offerings.”

EDF Renewables and 3M entered into a collaboration agreement last year to install 3M™ Wind Vortex Generators on wind turbines across the U.S.

Source: Company Press Release