EDF Energy has won two separate contracts to supply electricity to public sector bodies in Scotland and the North East of England.


Image: EDF Energy wins contracts to supply clean electricity in the UK. Ed Moon/FreeImages.com

EDF Energy had won the contracts from Scottish Procurement and North East Procurement Organisation (NEPO). The two contracts will provide opportunities for public sector customers to lower their energy costs while reducing their carbon emissions.

EDF Energy customers managing director Beatrice Bigois said: “We’re proud to have been selected by the Scottish Government and NEPO to serve their customers in Scotland and the North-East of England.

“Through these contracts they will benefit from a range of solutions to reduce their carbon emissions, be more energy efficient and ultimately reduce their costs. We really look forward to supporting them achieve their sustainability ambitions.”

In Scotland, EDF Energy will supply electricity to most of the public sector bodies after it was awarded the largest electricity supply contract by annual volume. It has agreed to supply 2.6TWh of electricity to 28,000 public sector sites, including hospitals, schools and universities. The volume of electricity accounts for around 10% of Scotland’s annual electricity consumption.

As part of the contract, public sector sites in Scotland can choose to receive 100% of renewable electricity, which will support the Scottish Energy Strategy ambition of generating half of its heat, transport and electricity needs from renewable sources by 2030.

In the North-East England, EDF Energy has agreed to supply 2TWh of clean electricity for more than four years, to local authorities and the wider public sector via NEPO’s associate membership scheme.

NEPO regional category specialist Marie Perriam said: “NEPO look forward to working with EDF Energy and using our joint expertise and knowledge to benefit NEPO’s Members and deliver wider benefits to the North East.

“In addition to securing immediate financial savings, the NEPO Electricity Supply and Demand Framework Agreement will provide access to innovative electricity supply side and demand side models, helping reduce electricity consumption, support sustainability and further reduce costs.”