EBAS (the energy consulting division of the Danish utility NRGi) and Ørsted have entered into an agreement stating that EBAS will take over Ørsted’s energy consulting business, which today provides consulting and project management services to the largest industrial companies in Denmark on how to achieve energy savings for the most energy-consuming plants.

EBAS will take over all 20 employees with special competences within industrial energy optimisation, unique know-how, and exciting customer relations from the current business in Ørsted.

“We’re very pleased that we’ll now have an additional 20 highly specialised colleagues from the very top shelf who’re well-known in the industry for their professional skills, special know-how, and long-term customer relations which will be continued. With the acquisition, EBAS supplements its already strong competences within consulting and energy optimisation of energy-intensive processes, production equipment and plants. Going forward, this gives us the opportunity to assist a number of Denmark’s largest production companies within green transformation and energy optimisation,” says Hans Jørgen Lorenzen, CEO of EBAS, and he continues:

“Energy optimisation in the industrial sector is an ongoing process, which means that new initiatives and projects are generated all the time. Therefore, our new employees also have strong customer relations and are an integrated part of the processes in the companies. In future, we in EBAS look forward to contributing to energy optimisation and green transformation of the industrial sector, in close cooperation with the most visionary and forward-thinking companies.”

“We’re very pleased to have found a buyer with a strategic ambition in this area, who’ll now take over all employees and our significant pipeline of future energy saving projects. EBAS is working in the Danish cities in which our energy consultants are already present. In this way, both employees and customers will have an everyday life which is very much in line with what they have today,” says Morten Buchgreitz, Executive Vice President of Markets & Bioenergy in Ørsted.

In cooperation with its customers, Ørsted’s energy consulting business will realise energy savings of 250-300GWh in 2020.

Bringing strong competences together

EBAS currently has 100 employees. The 20 new employees will thus become part of a large organisation which also includes partnerships across the NRGi Group’s business units with approx 1,400 employees working within the fields of energy, infrastructure, and the built environment.

“The agreement brings two strong organisations with deep competences together under the common name of EBAS. We’re taking a significant step towards offering our customers an even wider range of competences and expertise for the benefit of their business and society. At the same time, we have a unique opportunity to draw on specialists across the group, which will bring us to the forefront of the consulting business as well as of the execution of the green transformation in Denmark,” says Hans Jørgen Lorenzen.

The transaction is subject to approval by the competition authorities and is expected to be completed in Q3 2020.