Cornish Metals Inc. (AIM/TSX-V: CUSN) (“Cornish Metals” or the “Company”), a mineral exploration and development company focused on its South Crofty Tin Project (“South Crofty” or the “Project”) in Cornwall, United Kingdom, is pleased to report that it has commissioned and officially opened the Water Treatment Plant (“WTP”) and is about to commence dewatering of the South Crofty mine.

Richard Williams, CEO and Director of Cornish Metals, stated; “The start of dewatering of the South Crofty mine is an important milestone for the continued advancement of the Project towards an investment decision. Teams from Cornish Metals, our suppliers and dedicated local contractors have worked extremely hard over the last year to get to this point. Planning and preparation are underway for the re-accessing of the mine, which will take place in parallel with mine dewatering.”

South Crofty is a historical, high-grade, underground tin mine that started production in the sixteenth century, and continued operating until 1998;
The Project possesses Planning Permission for underground mining, valid to 2071, Planning Permission to construct a mine water treatment plant, new processing facilities, all necessary site infrastructure, and an Environmental Permit to dewater the mine;
South Crofty has the 4th highest grade tin Mineral Resource globally and benefits from the presence of multiple shafts that can be used for future operations;
Tin is a Critical Mineral as defined by the UK, USA, and Canadian governments, with approximately 75% of the tin mined today coming from China, Myanmar and Indonesia;
There is no primary tin production in Europe or North America;
Responsible sourcing of critical minerals and security of supply are key factors in the energy transition and technology growth;
South Crofty benefits from strong local community and regional and national government support. The Project could generate 250 – 300 direct jobs.