Volt Energy Materials, a subsidiary of Australia-based graphite producer and natural graphite anode developer Volt Resources, has selected a site in Alabama, US for its proposed 10,250 tonnes per annum (tpa) natural graphite anode powder production facility.

Located in Tuscaloosa County Airport Industrial Park, the 33-acre site is owned by the Tuscaloosa County Economic Development Authority (TCEDA). It has access to water, sanitary sewer, electrical, and transportation infrastructure.

Volt Energy Materials has received a letter of support from TCEDA, which will be included in the former’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law proposal to the US Department of Energy (DOE).

According to Volt Resources, the site for the proposed graphite anode powder plant will play a significant role in the company`s proposal.

If successful, the proposal could provide non-dilutive funding of approximately $100m for the project.

The Australian company also expects to receive grants, credits, workforce training resources, and other incentives from the state of Alabama for the natural graphite anode production plant.

Last year, Volt Resources signed a letter of intent (LOI) with US firm M2i Global in a move to secure a graphite procurement contract with the US Department of Defense (DOD) for up to 20,000tpa of graphite.

Through the contract, Volt Resources aims to deliver graphite of 94% to 99.5% purity from its Ukrainian subsidiary Zavalievsky Graphite (ZG) for three years.

Besides, the Australian company intends to extend long term supply of graphite from Bunyu Tanzania phase 2 production for M2i customers if feasible.

In August 2023, Volt Resources completed the revised feasibility study (FS) for the stage 1 development of the company`s fully owned Bunyu graphite project in Tanzania.