CoensHexicon, South Korea has signed a Joint Development Agreement with Shell with the purpose to develop, construct and operate a floating wind farm approximately 40 km offshore the Metropolitan City of Ulsan.


Image: Ulsan is the industrial powerhouse of South Korea. Photo courtesy of sandi baker from FreeImages

Ulsan is the industrial powerhouse of South Korea. It has the world’s largest automobile assembly plant, the world’s largest shipyard and the world’s third largest oil refinery. Initial project development has started early 2019 and is led by CoensHexicon.

Henrik Baltscheffsky, CEO of Hexicon AB and Director of CoensHexicon Co., Ltd, said: “This is the start of our commercial journey in South Korea and similar places around the globe. We have formed a project company in Busan, TwinWind Development Co. Ltd, obtained an adequate water area offshore Ulsan City and are developing the first commercial floating wind farm. Our collaboration with Shell will contribute a wealth of skills and expertise when it comes to developing and operating a large floating wind farm. This includes serial manufacturing in South Korea of the patented multi-turbine foundation design developed by Hexicon in Sweden.”

Source: Company Press Release