The one-year-contract will also require Cobra to support the initial phase of reconstruction of the electrical power system in the US territory.

Cobra, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mammoth Energy Services, has been involved in the restoration of electrical services in Puerto Rico since last October. The electrical transmission and distribution system in the island were damaged by last year’s Hurricane Maria.

Mammoth CEO Arty Straehla said: “Through the team’s hard work, professionalism and technical ability, we have been selected to lead this very important effort to complete the restoration phase and transition to the reconstruction phase of the electric utility system in Puerto Rico, which is expected to last for several years.

“The reconstruction of the electric utility infrastructure will improve the reliability and quality of service for the citizens of Puerto Rico.”

As per the contract terms, Cobra will carry out hurricane restoration and reconstruction services at multiple locations in the areas served by PREPA. The company said that it will increase its total number of resources in Puerto Rico to speed up the completion of the restoration project.

Cobra prevailed in the competitive RFP bid process announced by Puerto Rico in mid-February to complete the restoration work of critical components of its electrical system and for the initial reconstruction phase of its electrical utility system.

The latest contract from PREPA adds on to an original contract given by PREPA in October 2017 for restoration services.

In late February, Cobra’s existing restoration contract of around $445m was increased to nearly $945m, to address additional work requirements.

Among the restoration work carried out by Cobra for the Puerto Rico electrical system restoration were damage assessment of existing electrical grid, engineering services for the design of a new grid and construction services to rebuild the grid.