Charah Solutions, a leading provider of environmental and maintenance services to the power generation industry, today announced that it recently was awarded a contract extension to provide byproduct sales and material handling operations for Luminant’s Miami Fort Power Plant and Zimmer Power Plant in southern Ohio.

As part of this agreement, Charah Solutions will continue to manage and market coal combustion products (CCPs) produced by these two Ohio facilities. Charah Solutions currently has the right to sell and market 100% of the high quality, specification grade Class F fly ash from the two power plants for beneficial use via the Company’s MultiSource materials network. By shipping via truck, rail and barge, the Company is able to market the fly ash from both facilities to concrete product manufacturers and ready mix concrete producers throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Oklahoma, providing customers with multiple supply options of high quality fly ash. The MultiSource materials network is a unique distribution system of more than 40 locations nationwide, with international sourcing and distribution, which improves the Company’s ability to provide a continuous and reliable supply of supplementary cementitious materials for ready mix concrete producers and other customers throughout the U.S.

In addition, Charah Solutions will continue all other coal combustion residuals (CCR) material handling and disposal operations at both locations, including landfill management and byproduct loadout, as well as the operations and maintenance of the Plant FGD system at Miami Fort.

According to Scott Sewell, Charah Solutions President and CEO, “Charah Solutions is nationally recognized in the power generation industry as a total solutions company, providing unparalleled service and innovation to meet the evolving and increasingly complex needs of our utility partners. This is a great example of our unique ability to bundle our service offerings for utilities, providing both CCR and CCP solutions at the same time. As a result, ready mix concrete producers are now able to reliably purchase quality fly ash through the Charah Solutions MultiSource network in the Midwest, Northeast and deep South. In addition, we have dramatically reduced the need to landfill high quality fly ash at Miami Fort and Zimmer, saving Luminant both expense and valuable landfill space, while lowering their risk.”

“This extended agreement will help Miami Fort and Zimmer move towards 100% beneficial re-use of our byproducts,” stated Todd A. Stinson, manager of byproducts and refined coal at Luminant. “Charah Solutions’ ongoing presence in the Ohio River region and broad terminal network will continue to be a major factor in achieving this goal.”

The use of fly ash in concrete products offers benefits in both the hardened and plastic state of concrete. In addition to improving the finish product quality, using fly ash in concrete products and other applications not only eliminates the need to dispose of fly ash in landfills, it also significantly reduces the overall carbon footprint and conserves our natural resources by replacing materials that would otherwise have to be mined and processed for these products.