Operational since April this year, the 18MW battery storage project with Tesla has been pooled with flexible load and generation from a series of industrial customers to deliver flexibility services to the European transmission grid. The facility is located in Terhills, a luxury holidays resort in a National Park on the Dutch-Belgian border.

Acquired by Centrica in November 2017, REstore is a leading European energy technology company specialising in demand side management solutions, maximising value for large businesses through ancillary services including frequency response and capacity markets. The company now forms part of Centrica Business Solutions, which has been established to provide energy insight, asset optimisation and energy solutions to large energy users.

Jorge Pikunic, Managing Director of Centrica Business Solutions said: “This is a great example of how decentralised energy, in this case battery storage and flexible industrial load, can be pooled in a single virtual power plant to help balance fluctuations on the electricity system and unlock revenue revenue streams that battery owners or businesses might not otherwise be able to access.”

Source: Company Press Release