Candela Renewables, a utility-scale solar projects developer, announced that it has signed a 140MW power purchase agreement (PPA) with Google in Texas.

Through the PPA, Candela is adding new green energy to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) power grid.

As part of the agreement, Candela will develop and build a new solar power project in Texas.

The project is expected boost local economy through the investment and create temporary jobs during the construction phase and permanent jobs for the operations of the solar plant.

The PPA is one of the 18 PPAs that Google has signed last year

The PPA is part of Google’s biggest renewable energy purchase, which announced last September and it included an overall 1.6GW package, comprising of 18 new energy deals, of which Candela’s PPA is a part.

Last year, Google stated that the 1.6GW package will increase its worldwide portfolio of wind and solar agreements by over 40%, to 5.5GW.

Once operational, the projects are claimed to generate more carbon-free electricity than places such as Washington DC or even smaller countries such as Lithuania or Uruguay annually.

Candela Renewables was founded by former First Solar executives Brian Kunz and Nik Novograd in 2018, to develop utility-scale solar projects in the US.

Since its founding, Candela claims to have assembled a portfolio of more than 3.6GW in solar projects and 2.2GW in co-located energy storage.

The portfolio includes 240MW of solar and 50MW / 200MWh of co-located storage with executed or awarded PPAs across 2 projects and an additional 340MW in bilateral negotiations.