CAF-development bank of Latin America and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Arequipa (CCIA) have signed a technical cooperation agreement to develop the Mining Cluster of Southern Peru (CMSP), through specific actions and implementation of strategic guidelines for their consolidation and sustainability.


Image: Officials at the signing ceremony. Photo: Courtesy of Dave Dyet/

With the Peru President Martín Vizcarra Cornejo as a witness of honor, the agreement was signed by the executive president of CAF, Luis Carranza Ugarte, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Arequipa (CCIA), Aldo Aranzaens Yukimura.

President Martín Vizcarra welcomed the signing and indicated that the success of the agreement depends on the synergy and coordination of actions by the private sector, universities and national, regional and local governments.

He said: “It is up to all of us to make this initiative successful and leverage it as expected. We are committed to do everything in our power to support this ambitious goal, a mega project considering its potential. If successful, the project will yield only winners, especially the general population because it will create many jobs.”

CAF executive president, Luis Carranza Ugarte, said that the project aims to lay the institutional and operational foundations to create the necessary incentives for all participants in this conglomerate, to ensure their participation and commitment for the long haul. It will also have the consensual participation and collaborative work of various stakeholders in the public and private sectors, which are necessary to develop the mining cluster in southern Peru.

Carranza Ugarte said: “This initiative is expected to increase productivity and competitiveness of small, medium and large scale mining in the south of Peru. It will also produce an ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship, which will enhance private investment in research and development. Thus, the cluster will help position the mining industry as a driver of productive development and prosperity for Peru.”

In addition, the President of CCIA, Aldo Aranzaens Yukimura, stressed that in order for mining companies to be actively involved in this venture, they are proposing the implementation of an open innovation program that enhances technological and export capabilities for METS (Mining, Equipment, Technology and Services) mining suppliers and at the same time overcomes the major operational challenges in the sector.

He said: “This program will engage the most representative local mining companies and will encourage collaborative relationships with other important stakeholders in the area, including academia, METS, associations, regional and local governments, among others. This stage will include the launch of the program, a survey of the first operational challenges, a call for participation and a presentation of this project portfolio.”

The project comprises three major components: the development of institutions and governance of the mining cluster model; creation of specific short-term activities that allow mining companies and suppliers of goods and services to work on the solution to immediate needs in the sector; and the development of a knowledge base of the mining ecosystem in the southern region of the country to identify opportunities for improvement in regulations.

Furthermore, and in order to complement the project activities and establish long-term relationships with benchmarks in the international mining sector, two missions will be scheduled in which METS companies may participate in workshops and visits to companies and R&D centers in more developed ecosystems, such as Australia or Chile, developing new capacities and networking.

Source: Company Press Release