The Bureau of Reclamation has initiated a new funding opportunity through its Basin Study Program for water operation pilots.


Image: Bureau of Reclamation initiates a new funding for water operation pilots. Photo: Courtesy of Bureau of Reclamation.

These pilot studies will allow entities that have completed a basin study to build on the analyses and strategies developed in the basin study.

“These pilots will allow Reclamation and its partners to explore strategies and apply tools and information to address water management challenges and supply and demand imbalances,” Basin Study Program Coordinator Amanda Erath said.

Reclamation is making available $4 million available for these pilots. Those interested in applying, should submit a letter of interest to their respective regional office by April 15, 2019.

Water management options will allow Reclamation to work with state and local partners to identify solutions to water management issues by building on completed basin studies. Pilots could include both additional analysis that would further develop strategies identified in a Basin Study, and efforts to update or expand analysis from a Basin Study.

They should consist of technical, science-based efforts that could include things such as developing or refining models; developing new or additional data; evaluating concepts for water measurement; analyzing different potential modifications to operations and their impacts on issues such as sedimentation, endangered or threatened species, and water deliveries; or reviewing different methods for reducing consumptive use within a particular basin or sub-basin.

The Basin Study Program is part of WaterSMART. WaterSMART is the Department of the Interior’s sustainable water initiative that uses the best available science to improve water conservation and help water resource managers identify strategies to narrow the gap between supply and demand.

Source: Company Press Release.