The fully-operational Comanche project involves pipeline development and natural gas gathering and processing located in Ward, Reeves, and Pecos counties of West Texas.

PLG CEO Sheila Jackson said: “As an extension of an already highly productive partnership, PLG has enjoyed working with Brazos again.

“With the velocity at which these projects have to happen where every detail is critical, PLG specializes in mitigating the negative impact of lost time and money for the numerous inconsistencies we can catch and correct along the way for our customers.”

Brazos senior engineer Matt Montgomery said: “The major challenges for this expansion were schedules – specifying, purchasing, and transporting equipment – piping into the existing system and starting up in the midst of all the live equipment.

“We knew PLG would take the logistics burden off us and they would run with it, so we wouldn’t have to worry about getting involved with the trucking, permits, or scheduling of the equipment for delivery. We simply told them when, what, and where – and they made it happen.”

The Comanche II project primarily involves adding a stabilizer system to handle additional inlet liquids as well as two new residue compressors for additional gas into the plant. These additions will enable Brazos to see a noticeable increase in plant efficiency, modernization, and volume capacity.

Jackson said: “Acting as the Chief Logistics Operator for Brazos, we’re able to use our sophisticated and state-of-the-art technology and know-how to help them accomplish things they couldn’t do as effectively without the benefit of a larger and more skilled and experienced team.

“That way they can complete these highly complex, high-value projects on time and on budget.”

Source: Company Press Release.