Bioenergy DevCo, a developer of anaerobic digestion facilities, has acquired BTS Biogas, a technology major in the development, construction and management of biogas and biomethane plants.

Following the transaction, BTS Biogas will operate as an affiliate of Bioenergy DevCo, to facilitate new operation and expansion of anaerobic digestion in North America.

Bioenergy DevCo founder and CEO Shawn said: “Almost three years ago, our team began working with BTS Biogas to expand the use of large-scale, modular anaerobic biodigesters.

“By building relationships with cities and towns throughout the United States, we are confident that this proven technology will become an essential tool in reducing pollution from waste and fighting climate change as the world aims to transition to a low-carbon economy.”

Headquartered in Bruneck, Italy, BTS Biogas is claimed to have a 20-year experience in the field of anaerobic digestion with 200 plants located across the world.

The transaction is expected to allow Bioenergy DevCo to increase the presence of BTS Biogas’ technology presence in North America, by working closely with municipalities and companies, and help them cleanly and affordably dispose of organic waste and produce clean, renewable natural gas.

BTS Biogas CEO Jeff Henslin “With this investment, we are pleased to support expansion into North America as we continue to work independently in Europe to advance the adoption of this technology, expand anaerobic digestion know-how and strengthen the financial soundness of waste-to-energy projects.

“This affiliation between the two companies is an evolution that allows us to offer the North American market not only the most advanced technological solutions for bioenergy and renewable natural gas production from organic waste, but also enables us to support projects of great strategic and economic value with developers throughout the world.”

Bioenergy DevCo makes use of an anaerobic digester technology to offers an eco-friendly technology to break down biodegradable waste materials naturally, using microorganisms.