With this approval, the Corani project is now fully permitted.

The Process Plant Construction Permit authorizes construction of the Corani process plant, waste and tailings co-disposal facilities, water storage system and auxiliary buildings including a laboratory, internal energy system and other complementary structures.

Approval of this portion of the Construction Permit follows the Company’s receipt of the Mine Construction Permit and Accreditation of Water Availability granted by the MEM and the Ministry of Agriculture, respectively, as announced on May 10, 2018.

Together with the approved Corani Environmental Permit (the “ESIA”), the Accreditation of Water Availability and Construction Permit, now fully approved, pave the way for future development of the Corani mine.

Bear Creek Mining president and CEO Tony Hawkshaw said: “We are very pleased to have received the final key permit for construction of the Corani mine.

“We are currently advancing the Corani project by undertaking Phase 2 Detailed Engineering with the assistance of Ausenco Engineering and by continuing our well-established and productive community and environmental initiatives.

“Early works projects, including the construction of Corani camp facilities and an access road from the camp to the project area, are expected to commence later this year. Our Board of Directors will consider a Corani construction decision when a compelling project financing structure is arranged.”

Source: Company Press Release