Avangrid Renewables, a subsidiary of Avangrid, has completed the commissioning of Tatanka Ridge Wind Farm, located in South Dakota.

The 154.8MW wind farm, consisting of 56 wind turbines, is owned by Tatanka Ridge Wind, a joint venture between Avangrid Renewables with 15% ownership and WEC Energy with 85% ownership.

The Tatanka Ridge wind farm is supported by a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Dairyland Power Cooperative. The output purchased by Dairyland will be enough to deliver renewable energy to nearly 16,000 homes.

Dairyland and Avangrid Renewables have previously worked together on wind energy facilities, Barton Wind in Kensett, Iowa and Winnebago Wind in Thompson, Iowa.

Dairyland president and CEO Brent Ridge said: “Dairyland is pleased to work with Avangrid Renewables and WEC Energy Group on an efficient and sustainable facility that supports our transition to a lower carbon future.

“Diversification of resources is a key element of Dairyland’s Sustainable Generation Plan, making Tatanka Ridge a valuable addition to our cooperative’s renewable energy portfolio.”

Tatanka Ridge wind farm offers local economic benefits worth $1.7m

The wind farm is spread over nearly 18,000 acres of primarily corn and soybean farms and cattle ranches, which are leased from more than 100 landowners.

It is expected to provide $1.7m of local economic benefits over the life of the project.

In July 2020, Avangrid Renewables announced the sale of an 85% ownership interest in Tatanka Ridge Wind, to WEC Energy Group of Milwaukee, and the transaction was closed in December 2020.

Avangrid Renewables president and CEO Alejandro de Hoz said: “Avangrid Renewables has been pleased to work with Dairyland Power to make Tatanka Ridge a reality. Partners such as Dairyland have helped to build the wind industry in the Midwest and drive the transition to a clean energy future.”