Alliant Energy announced today its Powering What’s Next plan to accelerate the transition to cleaner energy for customers.

The plan highlights the company’s five key areas of focus in helping customers and communities participate in a more sustainable, technology-intensive energy future: clean energy; customer choice; smarter energy use; community involvement and conversions to cleaner fuels. Customers and other stakeholders will be able to learn more about the approach through a new website at

“We’re accelerating our transition to a clean energy future and putting renewable energy to work for our customers,” said John Larsen, Chairman, President and CEO of Alliant Energy Corporation. “For more than 100 years, our mission has been to deliver safe, reliable and affordable energy services. Powering What’s Next is our purpose-driven approach to serving customers and strengthening communities, creating optimism for the future.”

The first milestone of the plan includes Alliant Energy’s announced expansion of its Wisconsin solar energy generation by up to 1,000 megawatts by the end of 2023. That’s enough to power approximately 260,000 homes. The company is considering projects located throughout its Wisconsin service area. Changing economics, customer sustainability goals and better renewable technology are driving the acceleration.

The company will locate its first Wisconsin Community Solar project in Fond du Lac County and break ground in 2020. “By building new solar energy resources, we are contributing to a brighter future for our customers and the communities we serve,” said David de Leon, President of Alliant Energy — Wisconsin. “We look forward to working with our employees and labor partners in the construction, operation and maintenance of our new clean energy investments.”

Powering What’s Next

Alliant Energy’s Powering What’s Next plan outlines the company’s five key areas of focus in helping customers participate in a cleaner, technology-intensive energy future:

Clean Energy Blueprint

Alliant Energy has created a Clean Energy Blueprint for its Wisconsin customers. It provides the underlying analysis for accelerating the transition to renewable energy in a cost-effective way for customers. The Blueprint also includes plans for modernizing the grid through technology enhancements. The company will begin studies to develop its Clean Energy Blueprint for Iowa in January 2020.

Smarter energy use

These programs allow customers to take advantage of budget-friendly billing options, move usage to off-peak times, and learn how to use appliance settings and smart home technologies to conserve energy.

My energy, my choice

Alliant Energy is now offering customers more options to rely solely on renewable energy. Customers can:

Choose to have up to 100% of their energy supplied by renewable sources

Participate in a customer-hosted, utility-owned solar panel program through roof leasing designed for medium-sized projects of ~200kw

Interconnect private solar panels to the power grid

Aggregate service for large customers with multiple accounts under a single renewable energy contract

Community involvement

Alliant Energy serves communities through economic development, foundation giving focused on education and family stability, and volunteer support. The company has 15 shovel-ready economic development parks across its service area, poised to bring new jobs and economic growth to each community.

Conversion to cleaner fuels

Alliant Energy is helping customers make the switch and drive electric at home and at work. The company also helps commercial customers convert diesel applications to compressed natural gas, or CNG.