Aker BP has received consent for start-up and operation of the Valhall Flank West wellhead facility, along with future maintenance and well operations.

Valhall Flank West is around four kilometres from the Valhall field centre. The facility is normally unmanned.

Consent is granted on the following conditions:

Prior to use of the facility for stand-alone periods, Aker BP shall clarify how:

-the requirements in section 77 of the Activities Regulations concerning the handling of hazard and accident situations are fulfilled and verified, and which, if any, restrictions are established for manning the facility under different weather conditions, with reference to section 5, para. 4 of the Management Regulations concerning barriers.

-the company is ensuring prudent arrangements for health emergency preparedness, with reference to the Activities Regulations, sections 8 concerning the health service, 9 concerning the health service’s tasks, and 77 concerning the handling of hazard and accident situations.