Air Products, a producer of industrial gases, has signed an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement with thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers for the production of green hydrogen.

Deploying their complementary technology, engineering and project execution strengths, the two companies will collaborate exclusively in key regions, to develop green hydrogen projects.

As part of the agreement, thyssenkrupp will supply its technology, equipment and technical services for water electrolysis plants to be built, owned and operated by Air Products.

Air Products chief operating officer Samir Serhan said: “The SCA with thyssenkrupp is an important element of our value chain in developing, building, owning and operating world-scale projects and supplying green hydrogen for mobility, energy and industrial applications.

“We look forward to applying our complementary strengths and delivering substantial sustainability benefits through transformational green hydrogen projects.”

Air Products, thyssenkrupp to deploy green hydrogen plants in gigawatt size

thyssenkrupp claims to have developed an efficient alkaline water electrolysis technology.

It also has extensive and in-depth knowledge in engineering, procurement and construction of the hydrogen plants, with over 600 projects and electrochemical plants across the world with a total rating of more than 100GW.

As part of the partnership, Air Products and thyssenkrupp are expected to deploy economic green hydrogen plants in the gigawatt size.

thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers CEO Denis Krude said: “We are proud to cooperate with Air Products in making value chains for fuels, chemicals, and industry feedstocks sustainable. Large-scale electrolysis is the key technology to connect renewable power to the different sectors of mobility and industry.

“As a world market leader in electrolysis we bring in both: technology and production capacity at scale. Already today, we are set to supply one gigawatt for water electrolysis plants per year, and we are prepared to ramp up the capacity in this rapidly evolving market.”

In April, Air Products acquired five operating stream methane reformer (SMR) hydrogen production plants from PBF Energy for $530m.