Oil Search, one of Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) largest companies and investors, together with AFRY, and the Climate Change and Development Authority of Papua New Guinea are joining forces to raise awareness of the importance of developing renewable energy initiatives in PNG.

One project that could be a milestone in Papua New Guinea’s history in providing clean and sustainable energy for the nation is ‘PNG Biomass’. Subject to a final investment decision, this integrated renewable energy project in the Markham Valley in Morobe Province will consist of a 30MW biomass power plant with secure fuel supply from 16,000 hectares of sustainable, certified and dedicated tree plantations. Oil Search is also in discussions to oversee the construction, operation and dispatch of an adjacent 11MW installed capacity solar PV farm.

Ninning Jal, Health, Safety, & Environment Supervisor for PNG Biomass, stressed the sustainable character of the project saying “PNG Biomass is the first proposed utility scale renewable biomass and solar power generation project in PNG. We believe PNG Biomass will substantially enhance PNG’s reputation in demonstrating climate action and help transition the country to a fully renewable energy sector.”

Michael Henson, Project Director of PNG Biomass, added that “the project is also unique for another reason, it relies on the active participation of landowners and communities. At the core of our Project is the objective to power PNG with affordable, domestic low-emission renewable energy through an inclusive economic growth model that empowers local communities. We are powering PNG and empowering communities.”

Richard Pinnock, Head of AFRY’s Energy Division said that “AFRY’s mission is to create sustainable engineering and design solutions with a clear focus to support our clients to accelerate their energy transition towards a sustainable future. We are very proud to be part of the brave leadership of all parties associated with making the PNG Biomass project a reality”.

Friday 6 December 2019 marked the next stage in this collaborative journey with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Oil Search, AFRY and the Climate Change and Development Authority of Papua New Guinea, at the 25th Conference of the Parties (COP25) in Madrid, Spain.

Attending this occasion alongside members of the collaboration, include Jonas Gustavsson, President & CEO, AFRY; Richard Pinnock, Head of Energy Division, AFRY; Marie Trogstam, Head of Sustainability, AFRY; Scott Crabtree, Climate Change Performance Manager, Oil Search; Michael Henson, Project Director, PNG Biomass; Ninning Jal, Health, Safety, & Environment Supervisor, PNG Biomass; Christian Lohberger and Luanne Losi, Acting Manager for Adaption, Climate Change and Development Authority, PNG.