The wastewater association of Mellingen area (AVRM) in Switzerland has awarded AFRY with the project planning and implementation of the rehabilitation and expansion of the wastewater treatment plant Mellingen on the Reuss river. The contract includes the renewal of the mechanical treatment stage, the capacity increase of the biological treatment stage, as well as the shutdown of the sludge treatment and the rehabilitation and adaptation of operational buildings.

Since 1975 the Wastewater Association of Mellingen and its surrounding communities has been operating the central wastewater treatment plant, which treats the wastewater from the municipalities of Birrhard, Mägenwil, Mellingen, Niederrohrdorf, Oberrohrdorf, Tägerig and Wohlenschwil. Located on a small area on the shore of the river Reuss below the historic town of Mellingen, today’s WWTP no longer meets the legal requirements and the capacity needs of the catchment area.

To improve the water quality of the Reuss and to protect the local recreation area, the current facility is to be thoroughly refurbished and increased in its capacity from 23,000 to 40,000 population equivalents.

In order to realize this increase in capacity on the very limited area, space saving technology will be used.

The general planning team of AFRY Switzerland Ltd. was appointed for the redevelopment and extension of the ARA Mellingen in a public tendering process and commissioned with the project planning and implementation.

“We are looking forward to the challenging project planning and execution together with the wastewater association of Mellingen. During the whole project, the seamless operation of the plant must be guaranteed. In addition, the project strengthens our position in the field of wastewater technology with future-oriented technologies for sustainable water protection and the careful use of land resources”, says Thomas Morgenthaler, Head of Business Unit Water and Environment at AFRY Switzerland.