The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved $73.39m concessional loan and grant to the Government of Maldives to fund the development of $151.13m waste-to-energy (WTE) facility.

Of the approved package, ADB will provide $40m loan as cofinancing while Japan Fund for the Joint Crediting Mechanism will provide a $10m grant for the WTE plant.

The funding will be used the government to support the development of a waste treatment facility using WTE technology as well as disposal infrastructure for the Greater Malé region and neighbouring outer islands.

ADB South Asia urban development specialist Luca Di Mario said: “The project will significantly improve Maldives’ solid waste management through the provision of efficient and sustainable treatment and disposal infrastructure.

“The WTE facility will be a pivotal component of an integrated solid waste management system, which will improve public and environmental health, especially ocean health.”

WTE project backed by $27.74m financing from the Government of Maldives

Backed by $27.74m financing from the Government of Maldives, the project comprises a WTE plant with 500 tonnes per day (tpd) capacity, two treatment lines of 250tpd each, an 8MW electricity surplus energy recovery facility, and an air pollution control system.

It also includes a landfill for safe disposal of air pollution control residues and non-marketable incineration bottom ash.

The project is expected to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Environment (MOE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to oversee the WTE operations and enhance operation and maintenance cost recovery.

ADB said it will provide a $500,000 grant for strengthening the institutional capacity of MOE and EPA.

In 2018, ADB has agreed to provide $33.07m grant to improve environmental protection and sustainability efforts in the Greater Malé region and its surrounding islands.