ACCIONA Energía has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Government of Aruba owned Energy Entities to work together in the development of a Green Hydrogen Valley on the island.

ACCIONA Energía will work with the State-Owned Energy Entities of Aruba to develop, construct and operate a green hydrogen plant powered by a self-consumption renewable energy project. The electricity generated will be used to produce green hydrogen and the excess will be used internally on the island to reduce the use of imported fossil fuels. The project will utilize land currently owned by state-owned refinery, Refineria di Aruba N.V., water will be supplied by WEB Aruba, whilst Elmar will manage energy distribution and transmission across the network.

ACCIONA Energía will support the State-Owned Energy Entities of Aruba with the deployment of the necessary infrastructure to build a renewable hydrogen ecosystem on the island and explore supplementary uses for the green hydrogen, including export opportunities.

Through this transformative project, the Aruba Government and its Energy Entities are set to fortify their commitment to energy independence. The country aims to transition away from traditional energy sources and has set an ambitious target of establishing renewable energy as the primary source by 2050.

ACCIONA Energía is well placed to partner with the Government of Aruba and its Energy Entities on this innovation project and contribute to the island’s decarbonization with its vision of a renewable-powered future.

In March 2022 ACCIONA Energía inaugurated its “Power to Green Hydrogen Mallorca” project, which included the construction of an electrolysis plant, the development of two photovoltaic plants that feed it, as well as a green hydrogen refuelling station on the island. In addition, the company is currently advancing on the development of an industrial-scale, green hydrogen production plant in Navarra, Spain, that will start generating green hydrogen in 2025.

With this MOU, ACCIONA Energía and the Government of Aruba embark on a collaboration to establish a renewable hydrogen ecosystem for Aruba that aims not only to transform local industries, but also extend the reach to the Caribbean region.