The software solution will allow the energy company to better predict and prevent the failure of mission-critical equipment that delivers electricity to 1.2 million customers.

Electric utilities have traditionally carried out regularly scheduled “check-ups” to maintain their grid infrastructure. While these check-ups can detect obvious or crisis-level issues, they may not predict conditions that could lead to possible failures down the line.

The ABB Ability Ellipse APM solution, on the other hand, offers a prescriptive approach to maintenance. It uses sensors, data and advanced analytics to constantly assess the real-time condition of assets, determine when they might need repair or replacement and alert the stakeholders. This allows utilities to prioritize short- and long-term maintenance needs and drive productivity, safety and return on investment from critical grid assets.

ABB Grid Automation head Massimo Danieli said: “Utilities rely heavily on their power networks to deliver electricity to their customers safely, reliably and economically.

“We are pleased to expand our long-standing relationship with Ameren Illinois to support their strategic maintenance transformation with ABB Ability Ellipse APM. ABB continues to strengthen its position as a partner of choice for enabling a stronger, smarter and greener grid.”

Ameren Illinois operations and technical services senior vice president Ron Pate said: “We are investing significant resources to modernize the grid, improve reliability and deliver value for our customers. ABB Ability Ellipse APM will help ensure the long-term operation of our strategic grid assets.”

Ameren Illinois has deployed ABB hardware, software and service in a relationship spanning more than three decades.

Currently, Ameren Illinois deploys ABB power transformers, as well as ABB Ability software solutions like ABB Ability Network Manager SCADA/ADMS (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/Advanced Distribution Management System), ABB Ability Velocity Suite, ABB Ability PROMOD and ABB Ability distributed control systems.

A subsidiary of St. Louis-based Ameren Corporation, Ameren Illinois is a regulated electric and gas delivery company.

With a service territory comprising about three-quarters of the state, Ameren Illinois delivers electricity to 1.2 million customers. Its complex delivery system features 4,500 miles of transmission lines and 46,000 miles of distribution lines.

Source: Company Press Release