ABB will supply transformer and high-voltage technology for what it claims to be the world’s largest super grid owned by SGCC


Image: SGCC’s UHVDC transmission link in China will feature ABB’s transformer and high-voltage technology. Photo: courtesy of ABB.

ABB has been awarded a contract by the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) to supply converter transformers and high-voltage equipment for an 800kV, ultrahigh-voltage direct current (UHVDC) transmission link.

The 1,100km-long Shanbei-Wuhan power transmission link, with a transmission capacity of up to 8GW, is capable of meeting electricity needs of around eight million people in China.

The line will interconnect the electrical grids of regions, countries and continents, enabling efficient trade of clean power in large volumes over long distances, the firm noted.

Under the contract, ABB will supply transformer and high-voltage technology for what it claims to be the world’s largest super grid owned by SGCC in China’s Shaanxi and Hubei provinces, in the North West and Central regions of the country.

ABB will be responsible for the supply of high-voltage equipment which includes breakers, capable of protecting the grid from disruptive faults, and capacitor banks designed to improve the quality of the electricity supply.

The equipment is expected to increase the product lifespan while helping to reduce losses, ABB noted.

The ABB’s converter transformers will receive electricity from nearby power stations and increase their voltage to extremely high levels to enable its transportation over long distances and with minimal losses.

Similar transformers are placed near to the end consumer to decrease the voltage in order to ensure distribution to the local grid.

The 1,100km-long Shanbei-Wuhan transmission link has capacity of up to 8GW

ABB said that the transmission link will one of the world’s most powerful and is an important step for SGCC’s efforts to develop global UHVDC systems standards.

ABB Power Grids business president Claudio Facchin said: “The ultrahigh-voltage (UHV) transmission equipment from ABB is an important milestone in realizing SGCC’s vision of building stronger and greener grids.

“These UHV super-grids will enable the reliable integration of ever more power sources from remote areas into the power grids of urban centers.”

Earlier, ABB supplied key technology to SGCC’s first ultra-high-voltage direct current transmission link. The 6,400MW, 2,000km-long Xiangjiaba-Shanghai link is designed to provide hydroelectric power from South West China to the bustling city of Shanghai.