Denmark is getting another offshore wind farm. E.On and Siemens have entered into an agreement to develop the new project, which when completed will be one of Europe’s largest.

Planned to be built only 3 km from the existing 166 MW Rødsand I facility (also known as the Nysted wind farm, and currently the largest offshore wind farm in Denmark), the Rødsand II site will contain 90 Siemens SWT 2.3 MW turbines with a total capacity of 207 MW. The r275 million project is expected to be completed by 2010, its output estimated to save 700 000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

Quite separately from the Rødsand II deal, E.On and Siemens have signed an agreement for the purchase of 500 wind turbines, with a total combined capacity of 1150 MW, to be installed at unspecified onshore locations in the United States and Europe by 2011.