Fuel Cells 2000 and the US Department of Energy (DOE) Hydrogen Programme have launched a new searchable database that documents fuel cell and hydrogen activity in the United States. The database builds on the recent Breakthrough Technologies Institute report State activities that promote fuel cells and hydrogen infrastructure development by including additional searchable information on stationary installations, vehicle demonstrations, fuelling stations and policies, initiatives, and legislation designed to advance the development and use of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

On 14 November forty-seven states and the District of Columbia held fuel cell or hydrogen demonstrations or events, including 15 with hydrogen fuelling stations. Users were able to search for relevant information and activities throughout the whole of the United States, an individual state, or a cluster of states. In addition a text search is available, along with an advanced option whose criteria include fuel cell size/power range, fuel source, fuel cell type, fuel cell manufacturer, and vehicle manufacturer. Most of the database entries come with images and links for further information.

The free searchable database is intended to offer the public, as well as state officials, a portal to the growing fuel cell and hydrogen industry (www.fuelcells.org/statedatabase.html).