WL DELFT HYDRAULICS DEVELOPS software models for flood forecasting, morphological development and also all kinds of reservoir studies. The company has been involved in several studies to optimise reservoir management with regards to water level control, ecology and water quality. For reservoirs in the Amazon area of Brazil a study was carried out for the validation and application of a stratification and water quality model for dissolved oxygen, nutrients phytoplankton, hydrogen sulphide, methane and floating macrophytes.

A two- and three-dimensional hydrodynamic, morphological and water quality model was also developed for the Tenryuu river in Japan, where a number of large hydro power dams are sited. Solutions for reservoir sedimentation and the reservoir impact on the water quality in and downstream of the reservoirs were examined. Morphological simulations were carried out for the present situation, and the situation after release of fine reservoir sediments downstream of the dams. Due to the strong variation in grain size of the bed material, the Delft3D system had to be applied, taking account of different sediment size fractions and their mutual interaction.