The Saesa Group, through its subsidiary SGA, and Cerro Dominador, through its subsidiary Likana Solar, signed a power purchase agreement, or PPA, whereby the Saesa Group will be able to supply a significant portion of the energy demand of its unregulated customers in the south of Chile.

This eight-year agreement took effect August 1, 2020 and will expire December 31, 2028. This agreement will help the Saesa Group reduce its customers’ annual CO2 emissions because the power generated will be entirely solar once Cerro Dominador’s CSP plant begins operation this year.

The Saesa Group is committed to promoting sustainable electricity consumption and in that aim, it has developed several projects and initiatives to improve the quality of life of its customers in harmony with the environment (household photovoltaic systems, small power distribution means (PMGD), Net Billing and the construction of the first wind farm in Chile, to name a few). This alliance with Cerro Dominador was made under that premise.

Located well into the Atacama Desert, Cerro Dominador is a vanguard solar energy complex comprised by a 100 MW photovoltaic power plant and the first Concentrated Solar Power Plant in Latin America that will have a capacity of 110 MW and 17.5 hours of storage. The use of CSP is now being broadened by the construction of new projects in the north of Chile.

Francisco Alliende, CEO of the Saesa Group, described how the company has the vision of improving people’s quality of life by supplying reliable energy to the communities it services. “In this regard, this alliance will allow us to offer clean, sustainable energy to our customers in the south of the country at very convenient prices, which will make this market even more attractive to anyone who wishes to start implanting sustainability in processes.”

Fernando Gonzalez, CEO of Cerro Dominador, remarked that “Chile has started down the path toward cleaner forms of power generation and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Cerro Dominador aspires, as a company, to play a leading role in this challenge. We have been committed from the beginning to contributing to the transformation of Chile’s matrix by developing projects that will ensure a sustainable future. Our concentrated solar power technology guarantees a 24-hour 100%-renewable power supply, and alliances like the one we signed today with Saesa will be key so that this solution, so necessary to the transition, is within everyone’s reach.”