The project included in China Top Runner Program 2016, adopted an innovative solar + agriculture application design, arranging solar panels to be mounted on greenhouse rooftops. These mono perc cells are built on a solid foundation, making them efficiently resistant to micro cracking, corrosion and stresses from temperature variation. With an efficiency of 17.8%, the JKM295-60 mono perc panels deliver more power in the same amount of space and maximize system output with fewer panels installed. JinkoSolar has also optimized the cell processing sequence to address the potential problem of LeTID and LID. China Huaneng Group project manager Yongfeng Pei said: “The proven efficiency and reliability of the mono perc modules from JinkoSolar will enable us to build a power plant that will benefit the community of Xintai.” JinkoSolar Sales & Marketing vice president Gener Miao said: “We are pleased that Huaneng chose JinkoSolar’s mono perc solution for this 100MW top runner program project in Xintai. “China’s Top Runner Program market continues to respond well to our high efficiency solar products, so as to promote photovoltaic project development with high quality, up to high standard and from a high starting point. Source: Company Press Release