US-based technical services provider Jacobs has secured a new project management resources (PMR) framework contract from EDF Nuclear Operations.

The two-year contract, which is effective 1 January 2024, is worth more than $53m.

Under the new PMR contract, Jacobs will support EDF’s eight UK nuclear power stations, which account for nearly 16% of the country’s total output.

It will support operations at four advanced gas-cooled reactor (AGR) stations and manage the transition from generation to defuelling at three other AGR stations.

In addition, the US company will supervise the operation and life extension program for the Sizewell B pressurized water reactor.

Jacobs senior vice president Karen Wiemelt said: “Our commitment to supporting the UK’s nuclear power fleet helps communities to access sustainable, emission-free energy generation.

“We will assist EDF to maximise generation from these vital national assets for the remainder of their operating lives and to support energy security and the target of achieving net-zero carbon by 2050.

“Simultaneously, we will assist the transition toward defuelling and decommissioning at the stations which have ceased generating.”

According to Jacobs, the existing PMR contract already supports more than 200 project management and engineering specialists along with site team supervisors.

The new framework agreement further strengthens the company’s position in the nuclear power generation industry.

In anticipation of the expanded operations, the company with an annual revenue of $15bn and a workforce exceeding 60,000, is actively recruiting across the UK.

Jacobs is looking for diverse applicants, including those with non-nuclear experience.

EDF Torness Power Station director Paul Forrest said: “Our project management and controls capabilities underpin the delivery of our nuclear safety & business risk mitigations and our sustainable role to our net zero commitments within the UK.

“I am proud of the teamwork across the fleet over the last eight years and look forward to the continued success and learning across all our program and project portfolios.”

In July this year, Jacobs was selected by Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation UK (USNC) to support the design and development of a new micromodular power reactor (MMR).