Abengoa, the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the infrastructures, energy and water sectors, has been selected by the company AES Gener, belonging to one of the main electric power generators in the Chilean market, AES Corporation Group, to carry out the engineering and construction of the infrastructure that will evacuate the energy from the Mesamávida and Los Olmos wind famar, located in the south of the country, and which are under construction by AES Gener.

On the one hand, Abengoa will be responsible for building the 33/220 kV Los Olmos substation. It will be a booster/switching substation which, in order to pour the electrical energy from the Los Olmos wind farm into the grid, will section a circuit of the existing transmission line Mulchén – Tolpán of 220 kV.

On the other hand, Abengoa will also be responsible for the engineering and construction of the 33/154 kV Mesamávida booster substation, which will connect 154 kV with the Santa Luisa substation. For this, the company must also build a two-kilometer line.

Both projects are part of AES Gener’s plan to increase the number of renewable energy facilities to contribute to the sustainable growth of the region.

With this award, Abengoa consolidates its leadership position in the energy transmission sector in Chile, where the company has been present for more than 30 years and in which it has built more than 3,000 km of lines and more than 40 electric substations.