Irish renewables developer Simply Blue Energy is planning to build 1GW floating windfarm in the Celtic Sea offshore Ireland.

As part of the plan, the firm has submitted the application to the Irish Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage for a licence to undertake initial site investigation works in an area off the Kinsale coast, County Cork.

Planned to be built in the vicinity of the Kinsale gas field that is being decommissioned, the proposed project, named Emerald, will be developed in stages with the first phase involving the construction of approximately 100\MW.

Simply Blue Energy managing director Sam Roch-Perks said: “Ireland has massive unrealised potential for offshore wind energy production, particularly on the south and west coasts, and floating wind technology is the key to unlocking that potential.

“With a sea area 10 times that of our land mass, we have a chance to catch and become a leader in offshore wind energy production both in Europe and globally, allowing us to become the ‘Green Gulf’ of renewable energy.”

Emerald project to feature Principle Power’s WindFloat technology

The project will feature Principle Power’s WindFloat technology in water depths of 85m to 90m approximately 35km from the shore.

Simply Blue Ireland team lead Val Cummins said: “In Ireland, offshore wind energy production and cuts in greenhouse gas emissions have been given renewed focus.

“Innovative and ambitious offshore wind energy projects such as this are vital to help us meet our goals and ensure our children benefit from a sustainable future.”

In March 2020, French oil and gas firm Total had signed an agreement with Simply Blue Energy to acquire 80% stake in Erebus floating wind project.

To be located in the Celtic Sea offshore Wales, the project will have 96MW of capacity and will be built in an area with a water depth of 70m.