With the new Reyrolle 5 series of protection relays, Siemens is further developing its offerings for medium-voltage and industrial power networks. The protection, control, monitoring and measuring of power networks is a vital element in managing electrical assets, increasing reliability, sustainability and the safety of operating personnel. The first device applications of the new generation of protection relay will be overcurrent and earth fault protection and transformer protection in substations. It includes comprehensive functionality as standard, with enhanced process data such as faults, events and waveform records enabling the power network to be effectively managed. The small number of device variants allows easy ordering and efficient engineering while the improved hardware platform makes it even easier to operate and manage the protection relays.

As digitalization increases, a protection device must ensure a secure electricity infrastructure. The Reyrolle 5 includes cyber security features such as digitally signed firmware and these will be further enhanced with future product releases along with security patches to address any specific threats. Reyrolle 5 offers an intuitive design with a large graphical display, tactile pushbuttons, programmable LEDs, and the user-friendly, next-generation Reydisp software. The protection relay already provides comprehensive functionalities like wide-range power supply, configurable digital input thresholds, current and voltage transformer connections, and serial and Ethernet communication. All communications protocols are also included as standard.

Thanks to its withdrawable design, Reyrolle 5 can be easily replaced without disturbing the switchgear connections. This reduces downtimes to a minimum and enables reliable and efficient lifecycle management.

Siemens already has more than 2.5 million numerical Intelligent Electrical Devices (IEDs) installed worldwide, thereof approximately half million of the Reyrolle protection relay series. The Reyrolle 5 protection solution builds on more than 100 years of history of developing protection relays with proven algorithms to ensure reliable performance.