Subsea technology company Seatools secured a contract from an undisclosed EPC player for the design and delivery of a piling template hydraulic and instrumentation system. The system will be used for pile installation during the construction of an offshore wind farm in Taiwan.

Jan Frumau, Managing Director at Seatools, expresses his contentment with the contract: “We are proud to have obtained this contract from another prominent player in global offshore operations. Our client will benefit from Seatools’ exclusive track record in this field and enjoy our leading-edge equipment to accomplish efficient piling operations.”

Pile installation will take place in the second quarter of 2020. During this phase, the pre-piling template will accurately position and guide the pin piles. Meanwhile, the integrated instrumentation package includes a wide range of survey equipment to monitor every step of the installation process in real time. The package also enables post-pile installation surveys and ensures that narrowly set installation tolerances are met.

The contract comprises the complete mechanical, electric, hydraulic, and software design of the pile template’s hydraulic and instrumentation system. Equipment design will substantially draw on recently completed piling equipment projects, which have demonstrated excellent reliability and availability. Under extreme shock loads the packages contributed to uninterrupted offshore piling operations.

During the project Seatools will continue expanding its unique subsea piling equipment toolbox. As an example of toolbox expansion serves an innovative, highly automated system that will perform absolute and relative post pile elevation measurements to deliver exceptionally accurate metrological data within extremely short time frames. Due to shock loads experienced during previous offshore piling operations, the system will also feature an extremely robust and extensively tested system design that ensures equipment performance in the field.