Norway-based mid-to-late-life operator OKEA has made an oil discovery with the drilling at the 31/4-A-13 E well in the Brage Field, located in the northern part of the North Sea.

OKEA drilled the 31/4-A-13 E well, together with production well 31/4-A-13 D, from the platform on the Brage field, in a water depth of 137m at the site.

Drilling at the 31/4-A-13 E well showed a proven 0.2 to 0.5 million Sm3 recoverable oil.

The well encountered the Sognefjord Formation at 2,147m below sea level and proved oil in a sandstone layer of around 10m in reservoir rocks, with moderate to good reservoir quality.

It has not encountered any oil-water contact and has been permanently plugged and abandoned, according to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

The 31/4-A-13 D well was drilled in the southern part of the Brage field and was extended to reach exploration targets in two different reservoirs.

The exploration targets were in the Sognefjord and Fensfjord Formation, and both were dry.

Based on data collected during the drilling operation, the company gas has made a decision to drill a horizontal sidetrack, well 31/4-A 13 E.

The well was not formation-tested but has been plugged and abandoned after data acquisition.

The Brage field was proven in 1980 in reservoir rocks in the Statfjord and Brent Group and in the Fensfjord and Sognefjord Formation.

Norwegian Petroleum Directorate statement said: “The Brage field is developed using an integrated production, drilling and living quarters facility with a steel jacket.

“The oil is transported by pipeline to the Oseberg field and onward in the Oseberg Transport System (OTS) pipeline to the Sture terminal. A gas pipeline is connected to the Statpipe pipeline system.”

Earlier this year, OKEA agreed to acquire Equinor Energy’s 28% working interest in PL037 in the Statfjord area, offshore Norway, for an initial consideration of $220m.

Under the terms of the deal, it will purchase a 23.9% stake in Statfjord Unit, 28% in Statfjord Nord, 14% in Statfjord Øst Unit and 15.4% in Sygna Unit from Equinor.