National Grid revealed plans to invest around $2bn in Massachusetts over the next five years with an aim to foster a clean energy future and help the American state achieve net zero emissions through an electric-based approach.

The proposed investment is part of the Future Grid Plan, which is the company’s Electric Sector Modernization Plan (ESMP). It has been submitted to the Grid Modernization Advisory Council (GMAC).

According to National Grid, the plan presents the essential investments required in the local electric distribution system for the coming five years and beyond. The investments are aimed at aligning with the Commonwealth’s climate change, clean energy, and equity objectives, as outlined in the 2050 Clean Energy and Climate Plan (CECP).

National Grid New England president Steve Woerner said: “With electric peak demand expected to double over the next 25 years, driven by substantial growth in the use of electric heating and transportation, now is the time to build a future grid that is smarter, stronger and cleaner. We must harness our state’s innovative and collaborative spirit to achieve an energy future that works for all.”

The investments will be made in three key areas, which include network infrastructure, technology and platforms, and customer programmes.

National Grid will allocate investments towards enhancing and fortifying power lines, transformers, and substations. The improvements will bolster their strength and resilience, enabling them to seamlessly integrate additional clean and distributed energy sources and accommodate the anticipated spike in electric demand.

In addition to infrastructure investments, the company plans to enhance its decision-making capabilities by implementing advanced planning tools, systems, and processes.

National Grid also plans to invest in new offerings and pilot initiatives aimed at assisting customers in reducing their carbon footprint, adopting cleaner energy solutions, promoting smart energy consumption, and improving cost management among others.

The company said that GMAC will conduct a comprehensive review of the proposed plan and offer feedback. National Grid will consider all feedback received and use it to refine and enhance the forthcoming formal submission of the Future Grid Plan, scheduled for submission to the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) in January 2024.

Subsequently, the DPU will initiate a formal process to assess the plan and provide directives on the company’s course of action.