Infravision, a firm dedicated to expediting the modernisation of power grids through the use of drone-assisted upgrades for power lines, has officially announced the successful raising of $23m in Series A funding.

This investment round was spearheaded by Energy Impact Partners (EIP), a prominent investment firm, and witnessed active participation from key players in the energy and utility sectors, notably Equinor Ventures and Edison International (EIX).

This influx of capital positions Infravision to accelerate the deployment of its exclusive field robotics system for powerline stringing and its innovative grid monitoring solutions across North America and the global market. The funds will also be directed towards investments in both existing and potential workforce, as well as expanding operational capacity in North America.

Infravision CEO Van Der Berg said: “Today marks an incredible milestone for Infravision as we join forces with leading global energy investors to accelerate the decarbonisation of the world’s electric grid.

“This funding will enable Infravision to invest in the people, products and projects required to establish it as the industry standard for electric utilities and their construction partners on a global scale.

“It is estimated that 10 million miles of new power lines are required by 2030 to reach net-zero targets, which is roughly equivalent to building the entire US and Canadian power grids again, which took us a century, in seven years. We’re confident Infravision’s proven technology is the solution for today, and for the future of power line construction automation and grid efficiency.”

Established in 2018 by robotics engineer Cameron Van Der Berg and military veteran Chris Cox, Infravision has pioneered an advanced drone hardware and software technology system designed for the efficient, eco-friendly installation and upgrading of power lines. Conventionally, power line stringing installation and repairs have relied on manual methods using utility helicopters, which entail significant safety risks and environmental consequences.

Infravision’s TX System revolutionises this process by offering the power of a helicopter within a comprehensive ground and aerial robotics system. This innovative approach reduces risks and environmental impacts while introducing novel industry benefits such as compressed project timelines and rapid deployment for emergency responses during adverse weather conditions.

Infravision presently extends its services to several prominent electric utilities in North America and Australia, among them being the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).

Infravision maintains its operational footprint and facilities across key locations, including Austin, Texas, and San Francisco, California, in the US, as well as in New South Wales and Queensland in Australia.