Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem has entered a decarbonisation partnership with Coolbrook, a Finland-based manufacturer of naphtha cracking-based reactor.

Coolbrook has developed the RotoDynamic Reactor (RDR) technology, which can prevent 100% of the CO2 emissions created in the steam cracking process.

The partnership aims to implement new technologies and solutions that support the sustainable development and combat climate change.

The two companies will jointly implement a pilot project, in which Braskem will evaluate the latter’s RDR technology on an industrial scale, prior to introducing it in the crackers.

In addition to eliminating emissions, the technology can also increase feedstock flexibility and yields, while enhancing energy efficiency than traditional cracking technologies.

Braskem global process technology director Gus Hutras said: “Our ambition is to considerably reduce CO2 emissions and increase the sustainability of our products through innovation, in-house developments, and important partnerships.

“Coolbrook’s revolutionary RDR technology will help Braskem achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, significantly improving the energy efficiency of our crackers.”

The project involves the electrification of crackers by replacing the use of thermal energy derived from fossil fuel with electricity generated from renewable sources

The expanded use of renewable electricity and renewable materials will enable Braskem to reduce its carbon footprint in the production of ethylene, propylene, and other chemicals.

The company aims to achieve its goal of reducing 15% greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and attaining carbon neutrality by 2050.

The project is expected to contribute potential reduction of around 2.5 million ton per year of CO2 emissions at the company’s crackers.

Braskem sustainable development director Jorge Soto said: “The agreement with Coolbrook is yet another example of Braskem’s investments in disruptive technologies that significantly contribute to the achievement of our targets.”

Coolbrook CEO Joonas Rauramo said: “Braskem is one of the biggest chemical players in the Americas, and this cooperation is a significant step in Coolbrook’s strategy to decarbonize the petrochemical sector globally.

“Braskem is known for its innovative culture and readiness to implement cutting-edge technologies, for example, in the production of ethylene from renewable raw materials.”