Arup, a global consultancy specialising in sustainable development, and ILF Consulting Engineers have recently entered into a significant memorandum of understanding (MoU). This MoU pertains to a series of pumped storage projects in the UK with prominent projects including Coire Glas, Glenmuckloch, and potentially up to 13 more schemes currently in the planning stages.

This collaborative alliance augments the hydropower sector within the UK with essential expertise and capacity. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that the sector has the necessary resources to effectively contribute to the UK’s ambitious goal of achieving a net zero energy transition.

The partnership between Arup and ILF combines the local project expertise in Scotland with globally recognised proficiency in the field of hydropower.

Arup has a distinguished track record in successfully delivering substantial projects in Scotland, exemplified by their successful completion of the Queensferry Crossing, which stands as the most significant infrastructure project undertaken in Scotland in a generation.

Leveraging the invaluable lessons learned from funding, permitting, project execution, and the ongoing resilience of projects of such scale and intricacy in the Scottish landscape, these insights will be shared with clients and contractors to guarantee the successful delivery of future endeavours.

ILF’s expertise extends to working on some of the most demanding hydropower projects across the globe, which includes remarkable contributions to projects such as the Linth-Limmern Pumped Hydro Electric Storage (PHES) facility in Switzerland, the Atdorf PHES installation in Germany, the Vianden Pumped Hydro Electric Storage Plant in Luxembourg, the Niagara Hydropower Plant in Canada, and the Hatta PHES project in Dubai.

ILF Consulting Engineers Austria managing director Josef Mayr said: “We are thrilled to embark on this collaborative journey with Arup. Their expertise and track record align seamlessly with our own vision and capabilities. Together, we aim to bring innovative solutions to the hydropower UK market, setting new standards in sustainable energy. This collaboration signifies not only the cooperation of two companies, but a collective commitment to driving positive change in the UK renewable energy landscape. We are eager to foster this relationship and look forward to the accomplishments it will undoubtedly bring.”