ABB and Humless started their planned ‘Take Charge of Your Power’ roadshow to demonstrate the new Universal 10/4 Residential Storage System. Powered by Humless’ groundbreaking 48V Universal Energy Management (UEM) and ABB’s UNO-DM-TL-PLUS-Q line of residential inverters, the demo truck will visit CED Greentech and other locations in multiple states during coming weeks. The roadshow tour kicked off November 7th at the CED Greentech grand opening in El Paso, Texas. The current schedule includes stops in Utah, California, Nevada, and Arizona.

“Two million California power customers have been affected so far this year by PG&E cutting electricity supply during high wind blackout periods,” states Glenn Jakins, Humless CEO. “Electrical utilities in other states are following suit, negatively affecting the U.S. power grid’s reliability record. We hope to empower consumers by reducing the threat of blackouts, helping the public take charge of their relationship with the utility.”

This is the power industry’s first all-in-one Electrical Storage System (ESS) that intelligently manages the flow of electricity from any source for any use. It integrates with any existing residential grid-tied solar system and works with any manufacturer’s panels. Humless Universal is the first to enable simultaneous AC/DC Coupling and is very expandable.

“Consumers and solar installers are responding positively to this innovative plug-and-play energy storage system for residential solar installations,” states Franklin Sullivan, EVP, Lead Business Manager for ABB Electrification business in the United States. “The simplicity and versatility of this system allows installers to recommend a tested, single unit upgrade to solar systems that have no battery backup. This allows consumers to achieve greater grid independence.”

The advanced intelligent energy controls in the Humless Universal paired with the ABB UNO-DM-TL-PLUS-Q line of digitally enhanced inverters gives customers options to match grid requirements; for example, load shaving, time of use, generator auto start, and smart outputs. This provides intelligent energy management for customers’ power needs, lowers electrical costs and extends battery life.