Scania’s new DC16 industrial engine is a water cooled 4-stroke direct injection 16 litre V8 turbocharged diesel with air to air cooling. Designed for industrial applications it will gradually replace Scania’s long serving 14 litre unit. Despite the greater displacement overall dimensions for the new engine are about the same as for the 14 litre. It is available in ratings up to 550 hp (404 kW) at 2100 rpm and has a dry weight of 1290 kg. Features include individual cylinder heads, a new Scania designed engine management system which is claimed to confer better engine control as well as lower fuel consumption and emissions, and for the first time electronically controlled, mechanically actuated unit injectors. The latter are designed to improve power control as well as comply with EU Step 2 certification for off road applications. But Scania have kept the 4-valve cylinder heads, cylinders, pistons and connecting rods from the proven D1/DC12 designs.

The engine management system, programmed using CAN (communicator area network) language, is designed to communicate with other systems on the machine, such as a CPU.

The modular approach employed by the company in manufacturing generally has also been applied here. Many of the major components are common to all or several other units in the range, for example the cylinders, cylinder heads, pistons and emissions control equipment.