Caterpillar has announced the availability of its XQ1250G natural gas mobile generator set. Sold and rented only through Cat dealers, it is rated for continuous operation at 1250 kW 480/277 V 60 Hz. The unit is said to be an easily transportable, self-contained, gas fired plant with a user friendly control system to parallel with other Cat generators or with an electric utility.

The power module employs a low emission G3516B engine with integrated exhaust aftertreatment to comply with the July 2010 US EPA New Source Performance Standard for Spark Ignited Engines (USEPA SI NSPS). If local emission requirements are more stringent, the XQ1250G product design is suitable for the addition of aftertreatment devices beyond the standard oxidation catalyst.

The G3516B operates on low pressure natural gas (3-7 psi) and is equipped with an active air-to-fuel ratio controller to allow for varying fuel energy content. With units in the field generating millions of operating hours worldwide, the G3516B engine is said to offer proven, best-in-class performance with low maintenance costs.

The engine, fuel regulation components, control and distribution system, and cooling package are housed in a sound-attenuated 40 foot ISO container. It is CSC-certified for 9 unit high stacking. The containerised unit offers a fully integrated cooling and exhaust system, greatly reducing installation time at the project site. The operator can simply connect the natural gas supply line and the load cables to ready the unit for operation. The design of the XQ1250G includes 100% spill containment of all engine fluids.