Xilin Gol North Shengli is a 1.32GW lignite-fired power station located in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.

Commissioned in the second half of 2020, the coal-based thermal power plant supports the 1000kV ultra-high voltage (UHV) alternative current (AC) power transmission project to supply electricity from Ximeng, Inner Mongolia to China’s eastern coastal province Shandong.

The two-unit coal-fired facility is developed and operated by Huaneng Xilin Gol Thermal Power Company, a subsidiary of China Huaneng Group Company.

The early preparatory works were started in 2015, while the main construction on the £630m ($790m) power project was started in April 2017.

The first unit of the Xilin Gol thermal power plant was connected to the grid in July 2020, while the second unit was brought online in September 2020.

The annual power generation capacity of the power plant is estimated to be 7.26 billion kWh.

Location and site details

The Xilin Gol thermal power plant is located at Xilinhot, Xilin Gol League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, in northern China.

The project lies in the alpine region of the Xilinhot city heavy industry zone, approximately 2.7km away from the urban area.

Xilin Gol North Shengli power plant make-up

The Xilin Gol North Shengli thermal power plant is installed with two 660MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired units. Each unit is equipped with a 132m-tall tower type furnace boiler with fan mill and tangential burner, a single-shaft, three-cylinder steam turbine and a water-hydrogen cooled turbo generator.

The plant also houses eight fan coal mills, double-sided coal bunkers, a thin-walled titanium tube flue gas condensation heat exchanger, centralised distributed control system (DCS), a 240m chimney equipped with two inner steel tubes, and a 1000kV gas-insulated substation (GIS).

The other components of the project include two indirect air-cooling towers, eight 70m3/min twin-screw, micro-oil type air compressors, water intake devices, flue gas desulfurization, and denitrification devices, and a dust removal system.

Coal supply

The power plant utilises lignite from the Shengli West No. 1 open pit mine of Shenhua North Electric Shengli Energy Company in the Shengli coalfield, Ximeng.  The plant receives the coal supply through an 8.4km-long coal conveyor belt.

The annual coal consumption for the power project is estimated to be 5 million tonnes (Mt) with a calorific value of 2,944kcal.

Contractors involved

Power Construction Nuclear Power Company was contracted for the construction and installation of unit one, while Anhui Power Construction No. 1 Company was contracted for the construction and installation of unit two of the Xilin Gol North Shengli coal-fired power plant.

China Energy Northeast Research was engaged in the design and engineering of the power plant.

Jiangxi Keneng Engineering Construction Consulting was engaged as the construction supervisor for the project.

Harbin Electric Boiler was contracted for the supply of two supercritical boilers for the North Shengli power plant.

Jiangxi Hydropower was contracted for fire protection, electrical and HVAC systems, as well as steel structure of the main plant and auxiliary buildings in 2017.

Xi’an Thermal Engineering Institute was engaged for the design of the lignite tower furnace with fan mills.