Liming Heavy Industry supplied the limestone desulfuriser preparation equipment for the Pingshuo coal-fired power project. Image courtesy of Liming Heavy Industry.
The first unit of the Pingshuo coal-fired power project commenced operations in September 2020. Image courtesy of Jiangsu Guoxin Investment Group.
The second unit of the plant was commissioned in October 2020. Image courtesy of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of State Council.

The Pingshuo thermal power plant is a 1,320MW supercritical coal-fired power project located in the Shanxi Province of China. It comprises two 660MW generating units that were commissioned between September and October in 2020.

The Pingshuo coal-fired power facility is owned and developed by Sujin Energy Pingshuo Coal Gangue Power Generation Company, which was formerly known as China Coal Pingshuo No. 1 Gangue Power Generation Company.

Approved by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in June 2015, the construction works on the project were started in July 2015.

The Pingshuo coal power plant is expected to generate up to 6.6 billion kWh of electricity a year.

Location and site details

The supercritical thermal power plant is located in the Beiping Industrial Park, in the Pinglu District, Shuozhou City, in the Shanxi Province of China.

Situated on the Loess Plateau in northern Shanxi, the power station lies adjacent to the coal mines of China Coal Pingshuo Group and the Papayajie coal washing plant.

Pingshuo coal-fired power plant make-up

The coal-fired power station consists of two 660MW supercritical units. Each unit is equipped with a circulating fluidized bed boiler, and an air-cooled steam turbine along with a water-hydrogen cooled static self-shunt excitation generator.

The supercritical units are designed to deliver a boiler efficiency of 91.3% by consuming coal of calorific value 2800Kcal/kg.

The other components of the plant include the denitrification and desulfurisation equipment along with four sets of MTW215 European version grinding mills.

Coal consumption

The Pingshuo power plant is estimated to consume approximately 5.1 million tonnes (Mt) of low-quality coal per annum.

The plant utilises a mix of washed coal and gangue produced in the coal washing plant.

Power evacuation

The electricity generated by the Pingshuo coal-fired power project is evacuated through a double-circuit AC 500kV power transmission line.

The power is transmitted further to the Jiangsu province through the Jinbei-Nanjing ±800kV DC ultra-high voltage (UHV) channel via the Jinbei converter station.

Contractors engaged

Anhui Power Construction Number One Company was contracted for the construction of unit one in June 2019 while Shanxi Power Construction was contracted for the construction of unit two.

Liming Heavy Industry was contracted for the supply of limestone desulfuriser equipment in July 2017.

Dongfang Electric Group was contracted for the boilers, turbines, and generators in December 2013.

Southwest Institute of Energy was engaged in the design of Pingshuo coal-fired power project, while Northwest Electric Power Research Institute was engaged for the plant commissioning.

North China Desheng Project Management Company and Shandong Chengxin Engineering Construction Supervision Company were involved in the project management and the construction supervision services.

Pingshuo coal-fired power project background

NDRC approved the preliminary works for the project in May 2010, while a cooperation framework agreement was signed between China Coal Pingshuo Coal Industry Company and Guodian North China Electric Power Company in June 2010.

Pingshuo thermal power project is claimed to be the world’s first power plant to use coal gangue utilising circulating fluidised bed technology.